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Coil and Implant Fits and Removal (update as at 12th October 2020):

We are pleased to say that we are taking bookings again for both coil and implant fits and removal. Please contact the surgery to arrange an appointment.


Appointments are for ten minutes each and for one patient only. Double appointments are available on request for more complex problems.  Morning requests for emergency appointments will be triaged by Ros Duncan, Nursing Team Leader. Urgent problems will always be seen with the minimum of delay.

Tips for booking Appointments on-line:

Appointments can only be booked for the patient with internet access

A patient can only have 2 appointments booked at any one time. The option to book appointments on-line will disappear once this limit has been reached. Patients with a legitimate reason to book further appointments will need to ring or call in at the Surgery.

The system releases up to 4 random appointments from each appointment session. These may not be consecutive, so it is not always possible to book a double appointment. Patients should be aware that double appointments are required for:

  • Most gynaecological procedures including cervical smears
  • Ear syringing (please ensure ear wax has been softened using olive oil for 14 days first – details from Reception)
  • ECGs

The internet does not display all appointments so if there is not a convenient date and time please contact the Surgery. However, if the internet is displaying less than 4 appointments for a session it is unlikely there will be further appointments available.

Not all appointments are available to be booked via the internet e.g specialist clinics and acupuncture.

Blood tests (other than INRs*) need to be booked with our  Phlebotomist  on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays whenever possible.

*INR tests should be booked with a Health Care Assistant and can be booked at any time of day.

Cervical smears should normally be booked with a Practice Nurse. Please remember this must be a double appointment.

The surgery is open for pre-booked appointments only at the moment. Please contact us to make an appointment and we will be happy to help. Patients are requested to wear a face-covering when attending the surgery. PLEASE DO NOT TURN UP AT THE SURGERY WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT. We will continue to operate strict social distancing measures to ensure your safety and to protect our staff and any changes to our policy will be notified via the website and by text messages. Thank you.