Feedback & complaints

Any comments on your surgery’s service?

Your views could help make this surgery even better for you, other patients, and for staff. Feel free to give feedback and comments as often as you would like – compliments as well as concerns are helpful.

One way to give feedback is to fill in a simple “Friends & Family Test” (FFT) form.

  • Paper forms are located at the front reception desk and in the waiting room.
  • You can also complete an online form by going to the FFT page of our website.

Feedback is taken seriously and discussed at regular practice meetings. Often a problem can be sorted out straight away. All feedback and any associated patient contact details and data will be kept strictly confidential.

If things are more difficult

If you have a serious concern or potential complaint, please contact the surgery’s practice manager on 01453 883793. For more information on our complaints process or to register an official complaint, please find patient complaint forms on our website here.

Our published feedback

Minchinhampton Surgery is very grateful of the positive feedback we receive, and we strive to do better when we receive negative comments and constructive criticism.

Please see below the monthly collated figures from Friends & Family Test (FFT) feedback forms that Minchinhampton Surgery regularly receives from our patients.

When asked, “Overall, how was your experience of our service?” our patients replied:

Month “Very good”“Good”“Neither good nor poor”“Poor”“Very poor”“Don’t know”Total # responses% rated “Very good” or “Good”
Jun 2327233384332394%
Jul 2323327857128193%
Aug 2317012250018996%
Sep 2318828361122795%
Oct 2318321532121595%
Nov 2318122541121495%
Dec 2315414345018093%
Jan 2417415392020393%
Feb 242058434022495%
Mar 2418315221020398%
Apr 2416811435020494%
May 2420415132122697%