News from the Surgery

Thank you to all our patients who have been kind and understanding during the implementation of our new computer system. It has been a big project starting months before the actual ‘go live’ date, testing that all our patient records would transfer safely and accurately from our old system. There was then training and familiarisation for almost 40 users: GPs, nurses, office and associated staff. Not surprisingly we have had a few teething problems whilst we ‘tweak’ the system to work the way we want and we do apologise if things were a little slower than normal. We are sure the benefits of the new system will help in our care of our patients.

Many patients will have seen our new treatment room and consulting rooms. We have also been busy working on improvements to the waiting room. It has been decorated, posters tidied in to information folders and a large blade-free fan has been installed to help during the hot days. We are now waiting for some new patient seating to be fitted.