Patient Participation Group


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PPG Leaflet 

Minchinhampton Surgery was one of the first in the country to start its own Patient Group. The group has been running for over 20 years. It aims to involve the patients, staff and doctors in improving the services on offer, improving communication and promoting health, rather than treating sickness.

Every patient is automatically a member and we do need your active assistance to continue the success. There is a notice board in the surgery entrance, or you can ask any member of staff for details.

The PPG Transport service provides patient transport to local hospitals by volunteer drivers. Patients are charged 50p a mile for petrol plus any hospital parking charges. Patients must be competent to get themselves ready for transport and out to the car.

The procedure is as follows:-

  1. Phone 01453 887314 There will be an answer phone (unless it is answered )
    • Please give your Name
    • Telephone number
    • The time you are in
    • Repeat the message slowly and clearly
  2. A reply to that message should be received that evening
    • If not ring the same number after 7PM (01453 887314)
  3. The organiser will need this information:
    • Your address and postcode
    • The hospital and clinic
    • Time of the appointment
    •  Any disabilities i.e. Difficulty in walking
  4. The organiser will:
    • Find a suitable driver
    • The driver will phone you and make appropriate arrangements
    • Inform you of the approximate cost, based on the distance from the driver’s home and back
  5. The driver will phone you as soon as possible.
    • If the driver does not contact you within 24 hrs ring 01453 887314