Winter Newsletter 2018

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Surgery Closed for Staff Training Days 2018

The Surgery will be closed for STAFF TRAINING on the following dates and times in 2018:

10th January (Wednesday):  1-3pm

22nd February (Thursday):  1-3pm

10th April (Tuesday): 1-3pm

6th June (Wednesday): 1-3pm

1st August (Wednesday): 1-3pm

6th September (Thursday):  1-3pm

6th November (Tuesday):  1-3pm

Please note that during these times the telephones will be answered for emergency calls only.  For routine matters please call outside of these times.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Autumn Newsletter 2017

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Summer Newsletter 2017

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Changes to Automated Telephone System

Please Click Here to download the recent communication regarding the automated telephone system.

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Spring Newsletter 2017

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Autumn Newsletter 2016

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Would you like to help improve on-line health information in Gloucestershire?

If yes, then please complete this on-line survey – it should only take 3 minutes!!

We know that if you are living with a long-term condition, you will spend, on average, six hours a year with a healthcare professional and the remaining 8,754 hours managing your health yourself.

This is a significant challenge, but we also know that many people have the strength and ability to manage their own health, given the right support.

We want to help people do this through providing local on-line health information therefore if you would like to help share your experiences then please complete the survey link above.  Thank you.

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Summer Newsletter 2016.

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Choice+ Clinics

June 2016

Choice+ Clinics

Choice+ clinics are funded by the Prime Minister’s GP Access Fund to help people who need same day appointments. There is a Choice+ clinic in every area of Gloucestershire. Your nearest clinic is at Stroud General Hospital, but you can go to whichever clinic is most convenient for you. The clinics are staffed by experienced local GPs. Clinics are open every day of the week, including Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. Evening appointments are also available.

How do I access a Choice+ clinic?

Ring your GP practice as normal. A nurse or GP will take some brief details of your medical problem and offer a Choice+ appointment if this would be suitable for you. You may also be offered a Choice+ appointment if you attend a Minor Injury & Illness Unit at a community hospital.

What sort of problems are suitable for Choice+?

Choice+ is suitable for people with medical problems that are new – such as tonsillitis – or that have got worse, for example someone with COPD (also known as emphysema) who may have a chest infection that needs treating quickly.

Are there problems that are not suitable for Choice+?

Usually, if you have already seen your own GP about a problem, or the appointment is about a long-term medical condition, it would be more appropriate if you continue to see your own GP who already knows about your condition, including tests and treatments that you have received. There are some exceptions – for example, if your long term condition, such as COPD or asthma, has temporarily got worse due to a chest infection, Choice+ will usually be able to help. When you ring your GP surgery, the doctor or nurse who speaks to you will be able to advise whether Choice+ is suitable for you.

Do Choice+ clinics have access to my medical records?

At the moment, Choice+ doctors do not have access to full medical records. We hope that this will soon change and that Choice+ will be able to access your records if you give them permission to do so. Please bring a list of the medication you take to your Choice+ appointment.

Does my own GP know what has happened at my Choice+ appointment?

When you come to a Choice+ clinic, you will be asked if you are happy for a record of your appointment to be sent to your own GP. Provided you say yes, a summary of the appointment will be sent to your own doctor

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